steering away from traditional

           People who wear a prosthetic eye care about how their prosthesis looks, feels and how it functions. That is why we make every effort to ensure that every patient receives the best fitting and artistically made prosthesis anywhere. Many new patients come to our office stating that they were unaware that the prosthesis needed to be maintained on a regular basis. Many Ocularists who recommend a five year replacement routine are only fitting to what the socket is, as opposed to fitting and maintaining the fit to promote good health and functioning of the prosthesis and socket. Maintaining the prosthesis more frequently by enlarging, vaulting, and/or refitting significantly reduces the complications commonly associated with prosthetic eye wearers. Many complications can be avoided such as upper and lower lid ptosis, lower lid fornix shortening, implant extrusion or implant dehissence with an aggressive maintenance routine. We are proactive with our approach to prosthetic eye care and don’t wait for a problem to develop, we anticipate and try to prevent any complications from happening. We have had great success with promoting tissue re-growth and expansion of the fornix with these adjustments.

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