Acrylic Prosthetic Eyes: Prosthetic eyes are for patients who have had their eye removed (enucleated) due to an accident or some type of medical reason. When the eye is removed surgically; typically the surgeon will insert an implant into the socket and soft tissue is grafted over it. The surgeon will then in most cases insert a clear post surgical conformer to wear while the socket heals. During this time of healing it will allow the inflamed tissue to subside.

Once the socket is healed enough (usually 6-8 weeks) it is time to be fit for a custom ocular prosthesis. The patient will then be seen by one of our ocularists and evaluated to determine the course of action on how to proceed. We take the time needed to fully explain to our new patients the process of what to expect from start to finish. We want all our patients and their families to feel like they are now part of our family and we strive to create a warm, welcome, and pleasant experience.