Frequently asked questions:

Q: I am going to have my eye removed, when will I be able to be fit for a new ocular prosthesis?

A: Once the eye is removed, typically we set up the initial appointment 6 to 8 weeks from the time of the surgery to allow time for your socket to heal.

Q: How long does it take to be fit for a prosthetic eye?

A: Typically it takes about 3 visits to be fit for your custom artificial eye. We do make special arrangements for our international and out of state patients.

Q: Do you accept insurance?   (YES)

A: We accept almost all forms of insurance. We have an insurance section that outlines common insurances that we accept. We always recommend that you contact your insurance prior to seeing us to make sure your specific plan covers ocular prosthetics.

Q: How long does the artificial eye last?

A: The prosthetic eye itself can usually last up to 2-5 years before it becomes porous and bacteria can start to build up within the prosthetic eye. The fit of the prosthetic eye however usually changes within 6 to 7 months. That is why we recommended 7 month follow up visits (3-4 months for children) so that we can make minor adjustments to accommodate for the changes within the socket. Our Ocularists will determine the proper time to replace the prosthesis or scleral shell. Our philosophy is focused more on preventative maintenance to ensure a proper fitting ocular prosthesis as well as a healthy socket. We like to maintain the socket so that we can abstain from having to fix major problems later that may need surgical intervention.